Lean and Agile

Our methodology is guided by these principles.

Secret HQ is led by Nigel Collier and David Logan.

We are experts in digital strategy and innovation and have been digitally transforming businesses since 2005, inventing commercially successful digital products, services and experiences that help organisations thrive and grow.


Nigel Collier

A BAFTA Award winning leader in digital innovation, with a track record of repeatedly creating world-class work.

Nigel specialises in architecting digital strategies and the digital transformation and evolution of organisations.

Strategy Director

David Logan

A highly-experienced technical strategist who has led many digital strategies for international organisations.

David’s deep knowledge of complex digital ecosystems is invaluable for architecture, direction and delivery.

We seek the truth and solve complex challenges through digital innovation.


Our unique methodology creates a brave and bold vision of the future, where the best ideas win.


Understand, shape and validate the challenge.


Select a bespoke team of experts from our network.


Architect, deliver and evolve the digital solution.

We clarify your challenge, curate a bespoke team from our network and then lead the creation of the right digital solution to achieve your goal.

We curate a network of world-class strategists and practitioners.


We create a focused digital strategy and build an inventory of digital assets that are user-centric and data-driven, with measurable return on investment.

The result is a highly-optimised and sustainable digital-first business.

We have architected and led award-winning digital projects of national and international importance, that help organisations transform, thrive and grow, generating tens of millions of pounds in new revenue.


Secret HQ has 3 primary services.


On-demand digital directors.

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Digital architects inventing products, services & experiences.

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Digital Due Diligence

Digital advisors for
mergers & acquisitions.

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